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Take a twilight walk through historic Central Tilba village with local guide - Zoe

Zoe will lead you into Tilba's rich heritage, cultural landscape and tell you tall tales!

Rest and refresh in one of our lovely cafes or the Dromedary Hotel

Don't forget to bring your camera !

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Updated: Dec 2, 2019

A beautiful girl - Jess and her handsome boy - Dyllon, came to Tilba!

Determined to stand with Gulaga.. not to be deterred by long snaky grass, wild westerly winds, stormy skies and threats of rain, hail.. anything but shine....

.. the intrepid bridal party scrambled out to the top of a tor..

strappy heels, silky dresses the colour of the sky

.. boys bravely behind..

There they huddled.. to stay upright and warm!

They danced their way through little Central Tilba village..

.. and limo'ed on down to Corunna Farm .. where they married!

Here's to Jess and Dyllon..

Tilba wishes you a long life of love, laughter, good health and happiness.. and many returns to us!

  • Tilba Chamber of Commerce

There's a very special photographer who pops up to Tilba from time to time, snaps happily away and sends us her photos

.. thank you Sonia Grothe of Flying Parrot

BTW Sonia is the website developer for Visit Tilba!

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