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Facelift .. guess who! .. no.. wait.. guess what!!

There's no stopping the Central Tilba School of Arts Trust (CTSOAT) team when they take on a project!

Tilba Halls - Big and Small

Tilba's Big Hall and Small Hall in Central Tilba are treasured community hubs. Over many years they've served as a special gathering place for locals - hosting concerts, balls, trivia nights, fundraising events, yoga, art & craft exhibitions, Saturday morning markets etc.

The Halls are also much loved venues for special celebrations by visitors from near and afar.

In 2018, thanks to the wonderful dedication of a few members of CTSOAT, a series of serious improvements has transformed the Big Hall and Small Hall .. And the work is ongoing!

Small Hall - sporting a glamorous new look - special thanks to Sally Pryor, Janine Halasz & Smilie Magill:

Small Hall

* a new stage curtain allowing scene changes out of sight

* upgrades to dressing room

* beautifully re-sanded floor

* new shelving, benches and general maintenance

Big Hall

Big Hall: * hurrah for greatly improved sound quality with the installation of acoustic tiles (with thanks to David O'Connor @ Mystery Bay - formerly Sound Manager-Sydney Opera House)

* a fresh coat of paint

*sanding/resealing of floors

* installation of new lights and fans

* piano tune up .. for an even finer accompaniement to Saturday markets

CTSOAT looks forward to a continuing improvements and greatly enhanced usage of the Halls in 2019

Follow the events and progress of these historic venues on Central Tilba School of Arts Trust f/b page

Special acknowledgement to Harry Bate for his article Steady Makeover of Central Tilba Halls in our local rag - The Triangle Issue 180 November 2018

If you'd like to arrange an event at Tilba Halls contact tilbahalls@gmail.com

CTSOAT welcomes support and invites new members to step right up .. AGM is on 16 November 2018 in the Small Hall.