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Walking with Gulaga

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The ancient remnant volcano of Gulaga Mountain is a powerful focal point for Tilba District and a backdrop to our two historic villages and outlying properties.

The Mountain and its surrounds are a sacred place for Yuin people, who have lived on and with 'Yuin Country' for time immemorial, as well as a much loved landscape for locals and visitors from near and afar.

The June long weekend marked the opening of a beautifully crafted walk that loops along the base of the Mountain in Bellbrook Farm.

Tilba community applauds and thanks the traditional owners, who now own Gulaga Mountain and Bellbrook Farm (collectively known as Gulaga National Park), for their vision in the creation of this walk and for sharing this beautiful part of their Country with the public.

Thank you to Travel Australia Today for this stunning footage!



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