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What's on?? .. there's a South Coast Calendar!!

Well .. we have had an amazing 2020 so far here in Tilba! 
We were lucky to escape the direct impact of devastating summer fires, but we were certainly surrounded by them!
Now in the face of COVID 19, Tilba residents and businesses continue to feel the combined emotional and financial impact of fires and virus. But .. we are coming back strong! Our little villages are waking up with a big push to let everyone know what is going on around us. To this end Tilba businesses are invited to use the newly launched South Coast Calendar (SCC) to let people know about upcoming events. 
WHAT IS SCC? An initiative of a group of community organisations including the Tilba Chamber of Commerce and the Narooma Chamber of Commerce supported by the Eurobodalla Council.
Calendar 'Hosts':
Any business (who is a member of the Chamber) can be a 'Host'. This includes providers of accommodation and experiences for tourists, as well as community groups and clubs.
Going forward, with events starting to happen again, 'Hosts' will be able to register and enter their events on the SCC. 
If you have any sort of business, or are in any community organisation you can go to and register as a 'Host'.  When your registration is confirmed you can add your events.
Calendar 'Users' Members of the public - locals and visitors, can search categories e.g. Kids Events, Sporting Events etc, to find out what's on that might interest them.
The exciting bit, though, is that SCC is there for 'Hosts', along with members of the public, to use.
As a user, 'Hosts' can search through events by category and use the SCC to find out what is on locally, plan marketing campaigns, staffing and stock levels. Clubs and community group 'Hosts' can use the calendar to schedule events to avoid clashes with others. INTEGRATION WITH GOOGLE CALENDAR
We love this SCC because it is fully integrated with Google Calendar - so it's very easy to use.
As an added bonus it includes School Holidays and Public Holidays.
If you have Google Calendar on any of your devices you can link any Category in the SCC to your personal calendar. Events you are interested in will just automatically pop into your phone, tablet or PC.  You will get a notification whenever something new is coming up.  By choosing your Categories your personal calendar won't be clogged up with stuff you don't need. This means all you have to do is look at your own calendar once in a while!  How cool is that? Just imagine, a 'Host' changes their opening hours and instead of depending on them going to Facebook or the web, you get a notice on your phone! You can use all of Googles features to search by date, name etc. It is an integrated calendar of ALL events, large or small, in the Eurobodalla Region.  It can be used by ANY group to maintain their calendar and by any person to see what's on in their area of interest. As SCC is just getting up and running, there are not a lot of listings so far. And of course there aren't many events back on yet! But it is growing fast. 
See the overview flyer here
or go to the website for more information:



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