Scaramouche are five locals who have come together to bring mischief, trouble and magic from deserted places and candlelit clown cars. Upfront we have Jacqui Holmes, whose voice is a force to be reckoned with and has the attitude to match. Holding down the low end is Cobargo bass slinger Shane Monohan. His disturbing bass lines are juxtaposed with his deeply calming smile. Tilba local Max Tucker is the man with the golden horn. His trombone lines combine jazz with the wonderment of swing and rock. Flying in on his magical carpet (or his mum's car, whichever works for you) is the baby of the band, Braedon Welsh-Jones. Don't let this kid fool you, he plays music with a maturity lost on musicians thrice his age. Finally on lead guitar we have Sats Kramer. A man who once traded his big toe for a guitar pick. Don't worry kids, the toe grew back!

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