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Community Funding


Application Process

Local groups who wish to benefit from the funds raised at the 2021 Tilba Festival can apply to the Tilba District Chamber of Commerce by following this process and completing the online application form (link through the button below)


Each Festival year, the Tilba District Chamber of Commerce aims to retain surplus funds from the Festival income. These funds are traditionally donated to groups within the community who are seeking funding for activities which contribute to the Tilba District Community.  

Qualifying groups can apply for up to $1,000 per application. There is no limit to the number of applications they can make.

Each individual application will be considered on its own merits.

The total amount of funds available will be monitored and made public as part of the Treasurer’s Report, presented at every TDCC meeting (usually second Monday of every month, at least 8 times per year).

Eligibility for Tilba Festival Community Funding

To be eligible to receive funding, your group needs to demonstrate the following:

  • You are a legitimate community group – ie, have a name and clear purpose/objectives and/or mission statement that describes what you do. However, you don’t need to have an ABN or be a formally registered entity as long as you can provide proof of your legitimacy.

  • You are located in and active within the Tilba District, ie; ‘Central Tilba, Tilba Tilba, Mystery Bay and surrounds, within the area that lies between the three bridges at Akolele, Dignams Creek and Corunna, including Mystery Bay and out to Armitage Road on Gulaga Mountain’.

  • You can clearly articulate specific activities on which the requested monies will be spent.

  • You can clearly articulate the benefit to your group and/or the community.


Assessment of Applications

Your application will be assessed by the Committee of the Tilba District Chamber of Commerce. A minimum of 3 persons (quorum) should agree unanimously and a recommendation tabled at the next scheduled meeting of the TDCC, to be put to a Members’ vote.



Any application for funding must be received by the first of every month.

What You Will Need to Apply

You will need to provide full contact details for the organisation and your ABN if you have one (you don't need one to apply).

We will also need a detailed summary of the project or activity to be funded. And, if possible, an example of either a) a similar project you have undertaken in the past or b) a project undertaken by another group or body elsewhere which provides a good reference for your proposed usage.

If your request is for funds to purchase something, please provide details of the item/s you intend to purchase and what they will be used for.

You will be able to upload images and additional documents as part of the application process.

Need a Hard Copy Application Form?

If you are unable to apply online, please request a hard copy form by emailing

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