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Updated: Jul 23

Tilba District residents are invited to a planning forum

15 August 2020

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Thank you to local resident and photographer extraordinaire - Tom Skulander, who has captured the beauty and power of nature as we move forward from the devastation of the recent bushfire season. Tom's photos of our local landscape's recovery from bushfires are featured on ABC South East NSW f/b page

NSW Government commissioned an independent expert inquiry into causes and factors contributing the 2019/20 bushfires, the preparation and response by agencies and communities and recommendations for planning and preparing for future threat and risks of bushfires.

In May 2020 Tilba District Chamber of Commerce presented a submission to this inquiry on behalf of the Tilba District Community.

Submission - Tilba District Chamber of C

On 17 June 2020, Mayor Innes (Eurobodalla Shire Council) responded to this submission with the advice that priority will be given to preparing specific Community Bushfire Protection Plans for Central Tilba and Tilba Tilba.

200618 ESC response to Chamber's submiss

NSW RFS will lead the process of consulting with Chamber and the Tilba District community and working on these plans with support from Council and relevant agencies.

A Tilba District 'Bushfire Protection Committee' with representation from Chamber, Central Tilba Fire Brigade-NSW RFS, primary producers, Mystery Bay community, Tilba Tilba & South Narooma Land Care Group and Tilba Tilba Water Users Association has been set in place to consider how to canvass the views of the Tilba District Community in preparation for working with NSW RFS and other relevant agencies.

Hearing from the wider community, gaining its support and drawing on relevant local expertise is seen as a crucial next step in building on our understandings of local fire risk issues and possible ways forward.

With this in mind, a first and vital activity will be a facilitated planning forum, on Saturday 15 August for the purpose of bringing Tilba District community (residents who live between the three bridges at Dignams Creek, Corunna Lake and Akolele and out to Armitage Road) together to reflect on the experience of last summer's fires.

Issues for consideration will be the community's and agencies' preparation and response to recent fires - our strengths and areas for improvement.

The forum will identify priorities to be addressed in order to prepare and respond well to future fire events.

Areas of interest will include water supply and infrastructure for villages, hazard reduction and power and communication infrastructures, you, your family and neighbours and historic streetscapes.

Insights gained from this forum will be shared with NSW RFS and other agencies assigned to work with Tilba District in Community Bushfire Protection Plans

Flyer-planning forum-bushfire protectpd

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