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M + B + K = Mystery Bay Kelp For Life

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Lee-Anne Eddie from Mystery Bay (near Tilba) has created a vibrant, health giving new business!

Lee-Anne explains: 

'We gather the the freshest, youngest kelp that have naturally broken from their holdfast and washed into the shore.  

The kelp is then thoroughly washed in the ocean and transported just up the road to our family farm to dry in the sun naturally. This snap locks the true flavour and nutrients. We then process the kelp to a fine granule.

mbK is extremely versatile, suitable for adding to cooking, juicing, baking, stir frys, meats, salads, vegies the list goes on!

This pristine product is free from any artificial additives or anti-caking agents. mbK is ideal for use in all facets of food prep and all round wholesome home cooking easily included into a balanced diet. Add a pinch or two to any meal. The mbK pod can also be taken on the run to add to your cafe or restaurant meals for that extra infusion of flavour and nutrients .. the perfect alternative to salt'

Click here to find out why Lee-Anne was inspired to take on this venture

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