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New owners for Tilba's historic old pub

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Tilba's 123 year old pub - The Dromedary Hotel, is changing hands

from Thursday June 28 2018.

A heritage village with a historic hotel
Tilba Icon - 'The Drom'

Jeremy, who grew up in Wollongong, has ties to this region through his father's family. His dad

spent his early life in Tuross Head and he still has family in the area. Susan is originally from the UK.

Jeremy and Susan say:

"We hope we can breathe new life into this beautiful old pub!

We want The Drom to once again become the lounge room of the town.

We've got a great team who are extending a warm welcome to locals and tourists, year round.

Warren is the manager, supported by Wendy and others who are familiar faces to Tilba residents.

We're extremely grateful to everyone for their promise to support us as we bring The Drom back to life.

She's been pretty well looked after over the years, but there's a lot to do to bring some of the facilities up to scratch. We'll be renovating all the bathrooms as soon as possible, refurbishing the upstairs rooms so that they can once again be available as B&B accommodation and we'll also be giving the back shed a bit of a tidy up so it can be used for small events. But we ask that you please bear with us! We'll post on this website as we make progress!

We hope everyone will come in and say hi!"

Susan Gray and Jeremy Corfield

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