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When Reva at Tilba goes to Europe

What began 30 years as a great adventure in selling jewellery on the streets of Paris

has evolved into a shop called REVA ..

Reva at Tilba

Raison de etre : a celebration of life, adornment and the "self"

Vision: a desire to create hand made pieces that are quintessentially beautiful

Source: designed either here in Tilba or gathered from passionate designers all over the world

Audience: women who love to explore their tastes .. for anything from classical to quirky

Media: features in South Coast Style Magazine and Silverdory productions for Beautiful Tilba

News: In 2018 Layla (owner/director) set out on an adventure across Europe (and elsewhere) in search of beautiful pieces. Along the way, she sought input from her devoted clientele. Here are just some of the exquisite pieces she brought home for us!

Local regard: known as Central Tilba's exquisite treasure trove!

Reva at Tilba accepts orders and payment via phone and posts purchased items daily

Phone: 02 4473 7606 email:

Discover more about Reva at Tilba:

Follow Reva at Tilba: on Facebook and Instagram:

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1 Comment

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